Our aim is to create the best product possible. Tap is always the best option, but when you don’t have the choice we want to be the best option. And keep on improving!

Natural & Local

Goodwill Water is natural spring water with good mineral values that we source locally for each market to minimize our emissions from shipping. Working with trustworthy and transparent suppliers we continuously strive to create the best product possible.


Mineral content in mg/l:
Sodium: 84
Calcium: 36
Magnesium: 9.4
Potassium: 6.8
Fluoride: 0.59
Iron: 0.02
pH: 8.2

Renewable Sources

Except keeping our water fresh cool and long lasting, our packaging is made mainly from renewable sources. The paper is FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, ensuring that the wood fibre is sourced from responsibly managed forests. Our caps are bio-based made from a non food substance derivative of sugar cane, all completely recyclable.

The Better Alternative

In manny areas of the world today tap water is not drinkable and you will always find yourself in that situation when its not available. Then our product is the better alternative with 38g CO₂e/package, 55% of that being Biogenic carbon uptake. Compared to an equal 500ml plastic bottle with a carbon footprint of 111g CO₂e/package or glass with 179g CO₂e/package.